The paper container easy to cover the cans will be fully listed in Japan

 According to Japanese media reports, which is dominated by the tetra pak company in Japan, the Japanese will be fully introduces the tetra ® beautiful packaging technology, is the introduction of filling equipment, etc., in 2018 a large number of listed apply the tetra ® packaging technology products.

In 1951, the Swedish company developed the technology of filling liquid such as milk and drink in paper containers and popularizing it to 170 countries in the world. One of the company's main businesses is to promote the sales of paper container filling technology and equipment to beverage companies and food companies. In 1956, Japan introduced the technology. The paper container has a lot of advantages such as portability, space saving, smart printing, easy to use and recycling, so it is widely used in the food industry.

2003 tetra pak company again for technological breakthrough, which developed the tetra ® packaging technology. The focus of this technique is to maintain all the advantages of the paper container while also filling the pressure heat treatment such as filling sterilization. The paper containers used in the past are not resistant to moisture and heat, and can not be used in the pressure filling sterilization process of 100~130 degree steam. Therefore, hot and pressurized foods can only be used in containers such as tin cans, glass bottles, and still bags. Tetra ® beautiful packing outside the paper material added 3 layer of high temperature resistant polypropylene material, can completely replace metal cans, glass bottles, such as distillation packing container. Currently about 50 countries, more than 150 brand products adopt the tetra ® packaging technology.

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