The traditional technology of lichee can be opened

 The lychee is a traditional lychee processing plant, which is prepared by peeling off the fruit, filling the tank with water, and then sterilizing it. 50 s to eighty s, our province in the south of the cannery syrup litchi production, but this period generally existed different degree of pulp red, fleshy, soft, and packaging of tinplate cans and bottles and tin lid respectively, food is not convenient. Therefore, in the late eighty s, guangdong academy of agricultural sciences' fruit tree research institute Fu Lingjuan, Yuan Pei yuan, such as the "green husk sweet" and "snow mug" trial litchi canned litchi, sugar water color in the finished product, raw material consumption quality, flavor, texture and so on are far better than similar products at home and abroad, the new way to develop litchi postpartum processing realistic and feasible.  

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