Three Laws of canned edible EOE

 Moderate eating more healthy

Everything must have a degree, canned no exception. While canned nutritious and delicious, but do not forget your diet balanced. Very rich in seasonal fruits and vegetables, do not give up these fresh foods.

Do not blindly pursue Bulk

"Supermarket winner" who has a habit of buying large packaged food, both worry and cost-effective, it may not necessarily be a good thing. Canned can be saved when unopened at room temperature, but once opened the envelope, it and other food the same, and very perishable. So, choose a meal can be eaten in the right amount of packaging is a wise move.

Cooking time not too long

A very important advantage is the ability to provide those canned fruits and vegetables or less common fish, meat, such as chestnut, asparagus, tuna, dace, and so on. These foods are cooked dishes superbly raw materials, however, to note, canned equal've cooked during processing, so the cooking time for canned food "go beyond" can, if cooked too long and no doubt will lose more nutrients.

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