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Tinplate corrosion EOE

 Dongguan City, the suno Packing Co., Ltd., is a production, research and development in one of the easy-open lid and packaging companies. 20 years focused EOE production, because the focus, so we are more professional. Our main products include three series: Beverages EOE, aluminum and tinplate EOE EOE safe side, but for a variety of cans, aluminum cans, composite cans and PET cans. The following package from Dongguan real promise for everyone to briefly explain what EOE tinplate corrosion.

1, did not finish tinplate corrosion resistance. Not coated with tin cans manufactured, its resistance to corrosion and tin plate material, the type of contents, canning conditions, storage conditions and so on. Using uncoated iron, tin plate requires a higher corrosion resistance.

2, finishing tinplate corrosion resistance. In order to reduce costs and save valuable tin resources, people no longer by increasing the thickness of the tin layer to improve corrosion resistance, but were painted with a thin tin layer is more to improve corrosion resistance. Finishing tinned film analysis must remain intact, there is no defect, therefore, to prevent the coating scratches, damage flanging site, or lid produced in Stamping coating off, etc., in order to ensure the quality of the coating, sometimes painted several times, sometimes even after canning conducted within spraying.

Over the years, Dongguan real Solutia Inc. is committed to creating a safe EOE, to serve the large number of well-known food and canning companies. Companies with innovative technology, high quality products, reasonable prices and quality service, won the trust of domestic and foreign customers, and achieved a good reputation, the products are sold well all over the world, such as USA, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Latvia , Canada, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, India, Iran, Pakistan and Taiwan. Welcome to the company micro-channel for more product advice, micro signal Sunocanlid.


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