Tinplate easy open tin plate applications

      World beverage cans, food cans, aerosol cans, including cans and general metal cans (including steel and aluminum), the annual consumption of more than 400 billion, including soft drinks and beer consumption, amounting to 220 billion, Processing of 100 billion beverage cans, processing about 75 billion food cans, aerosol cans 10 billion, about five billion cans in general. United States, Europe and Japan accounted for more than a metal can with 50 percent of the world. Beverage cans in the case of steel and aluminum, using the ratio of the region vary widely, the proportion of EU-15 steel cans and aluminum cans for 55:45, including Eastern Europe, the proportion of steel cans has declined, the United States, compared with 100% of the aluminum cans, Japan's two basic materials are similar, the main difference between such a large area and energy policy, steel, aluminum production levels and competitiveness of the region concerned. Places and food cans, steel cans (two tanks and three cans) based.

       Dongguan City is Connaught Packaging Limited specializes in beverage EOE, aluminum easy-open lid and the production and sale of tinplate EOE. The company has a number of easy-open lid lines, advanced technology and equipment, strong technical force, with most domestic and professional testing equipment, users can produce a variety of products EOE lid. Products with advanced styling, fashionable, reasonable structure, perfect design, unique security, sealing unique, beautiful color, never fade characteristics. We adhere to the faith-based, user-oriented principle, to make friends! Welcome to the company Micro Signal: Sunocanlid


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