What is easy pull cover tin punching hot-pressing process

 Using traditional craft processing aluminum-plastic composite membrane cover, general is according to the principle of paper cutting, bending steel knife into the required shape, adopt the positive shut off. According to the technological requirements, die cutting knife up and down movement per minute, die cutting 80 cover plates, as a result of the die cutting needs certain speed and pressure, so the wear of steel wire knives is large, and because aluminum composite membrane has good ductility, after the steel knife grinding blunt, easy sticky material condition, namely the aluminum-plastic film cover plates will be glued on the steel knife. Therefore, steel wire cutter is in use will need to be replaced after a short period of time. And hot-pressing process is also independently, this makes the process more complicated. New forming process by cutting hot-press process, die-cutting and hot-pressing process will close 2 for one, is a good way to solve the problems in the traditional craft. In hot cutting location, cutting knives, cutting way to cutting of aluminum-plastic film, followed by institutions continue to rise, directly to the punching forming of aluminum cover slice of pressure on tinplate cover circle, hot-pressing sealing on both. The location of the heating device is set on tinplate cover circle above. After hot pressing sealing of semi-finished products rely on indexing mechanism in turn for embossing, discharge, finally get the finished product.

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