What is the easy to open pure beer

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After brewing, it sometimes takes some heat to prevent the beer from going off, killing the yeast and the bacteria in the beer. This is known as cooked beer. This beer can be kept for a long time, more than a year. So it's easy to transport and sell. But high temperatures have a greater effect on the taste of beer. If this is not done, the wine also contains living yeast, which is a draft beer. The life of draft beer is very short, usually only about three days, usually sold in place.  

The pure beer is not pasteurized after the brew is made, but the yeast and the bacteria are removed by cold filtration. This type of cold filter can be used to preserve the flavor of the beer while extending the shelf life of the beer for several months. Because pure raw beer needs special filtration membrane, still need aseptic filling, cost is higher.

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