What is the lid canned food industry standards?

        What is the lid canned food industry standards? Here the professional production of beverage closure, the lid of iron and aluminum companies - Dongguan Real Connaught Packing Co. to serve you a brief introduction about it. Hoping to help you.

        In China, the canned food industry standards and issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Management. According to "People's Republic of China Standardization Law" Article VI, industry standard by the relevant administrative departments under the State Council and submitted to the State Council administrative department in charge of standardization, is required in the absence of national standards in the country within a unified industry-wide technical requirements standards under the situation. After the publication of the national standards, the industry standard annulled. Currently canned food industry standards including product standards, canned food code labeling standards.

       Canned food industry standards and national standards, is an important basis for our canned food production enterprises to organize production and sales market, the government is also an important basis for market regulation and consumer protection on the basis of their legitimate interests, to protect our consumers' health and play a key role in food safety.

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