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Interesting EOE cans

 Insulation Canned: Switzerland introduced a double cans, stood in the middle of two layers of packaging materials and silicone mixture of manganese dioxide. When eating, just pull the rope light on the lid, and the mixture was in contact with air can heat the food. As one eat, but also can be heated again until the canned food inside is used up. 

Canned leaves: This is a canned recently produced by Japan, once opened, canned lid will immediately smell the fragrance of the leaves, make people forget fatigue, relieve tension. This called for canned "forest bath", the effect is sustainable one hundred days. 
Canned fish: Japan Hokkaido an aquaculture company sells canned fish. They live fish, shrimp, crab, turtle loaded into the transparent plastic cans, and then inject water, sealed and shipped sales around. These fish can survive in the tank at least 15 days. 
Transparent Canned: Canned are generally not see the contents. US single provision of the path, a "two-way stretch polypropylene bit" plastic packaging, made ??of transparent canned unique, not only inside the food at a glance, but also resistant to high temperature 190 degrees, and can be placed directly on the electric heating. 
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